This whole project started has a small idea three years ago. Although I have never doubted the book the idea behind it or what the book would achieve once completed, I could never have done it alone. It is with heartfelt thanks to the following  individuals and organisations for their unconditional support, encouragement and advice that this book and legacy stands here today, tomorrow and for future generations to come. Ni

His Royal Highness The Prince of WalesTerry Waite CBE, The Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu, The Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Prime Minister, The Ministry of Defence, Russell Goffe-Wood at Horbury & Goffe, Susen Vural at  Susen Vural Design, Jim Betteridge at Stationhouse, Henry Wilson, Katie Eaton, Robert Lee, Ruth Powell, Afsheen Latif , Elvi Morrison , Ann Bedford , Jane Fish and the Imperial War Museum, Madeleine James IWM,  Angelo Marcos, Solano Peña LenziGuia Olivar, Victoria Brook, Sandy & Marianne Turnbull, Brian James D’arcy RVM, David Lang, Sergio Cicalò, Mrs A Brickstock, Lindsay Buchanan, Leon Kamran, Margaret Tindale, David Knowles, Harry Smith, Frank Turner, Peter Francis and The Commonwealth And War Graves Commission, Barbara Parker, ‘Ginge’, Paul Deprey Superintendent for the World War II Valor In The Pacific National Monument, E M Ledger, Nicola Reeves, M Knowles, Mrs M Bell, May Olivar, Max Olivar, Elena Vila-Moret, Michael Hague, Teresa Hague.

Where the names of people are highlighted in red, you can click and follow a link to their personal website where applicable or to a further charity which they support.