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In The Footsteps of War: The Definitive Edition available to download from and and and all territories where Kindle is sold. 

3D-Book-Template-pngPublished:                                        09-06-2015

Format:                                             Paperback

Edition:                                             1st

Page Count:                                     198

ISBN-13:                                            978-0957090262

Imprint:                                             Seshat Passenger

Illustrations:                                     black & White 67 photos, 1 map

Dimensions:                                     h203mm x w127mm x s11mm

RRP:                                                   £10.00



Visit Your Local Library

And ask to borrow In The Footsteps of War: The Definitive Edition if it is unavailable or out on loan, you can request your library to get a copy for you. There maybe a request charge involved for requesting books in the UK, for other territories see your local library for details.


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